Youth Development Spotlight: Hannah Hopkins

Hannah Hopkins wasn’t always the awesome Youth Development Specialist (and blooming social worker) she is now.

In fact, not that long ago, she was about as far away from a social worker as one could imagine.

With a Bachelors of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, Hannah spent seven years as a product development engineer in the medical device industry before changing course.  She had always wanted to help people, but felt a bit too far removed as an engineer.

She started working with Family Service in 2016 as an intern and eventually as a part-time Youth Development Specialist. She has worked in Community Counseling at the West End Center, and Presbyterian Community Center. She has also supported Teen Outreach Program groups at Forest Park Academy, Rivermont and Noel C. Taylor.

Now working towards her Masters of Science in Social Work, she can continue her goals to be of service to others and to make a positive impact in the community.

She will start an internship with Family Service Child Therapist Jennifer Nolley as her supervisor in the fall. As a social work intern, Hannah will work through the Play Therapy Institute to treat traumatized children.

Hannah loves a really good belly laugh and describes herself as loyal, kind, and joyful.

“My goal is to facilitate light for those experiencing darkness.”