Youth face different troubles depending on their age and life stage

If you or your child are in need of counseling, case management or life skills, Family Service has options to meet your needs. See below for more information on services specifically for children and youth.

Please see the Contact page for more details. For a list of outpatient counselors, please visit the Counselors page.


Your child or family may benefit from individual or group therapy. Especially for children who struggle with day-to-day situations, changes in the family or emotional needs, counseling can make a huge difference.

Community Counseling and Day Treatment

Your child deserves support on his own turf. Thanks to partnerships with local after-school programs, he can get just that. Therapeutic Day Treatment is a Medicaid-funded program. Community Counseling is group or individual sessions. Both are offered in after-school programs.

Intensive In-Home

The support of an in-home counselor for your child will help your family set goals so you can all get along better and be more aware of each others’ needs. Counseling may deal with communication, daily routines, anger management, self-esteem or other issues. Intensive In-Home is a Medicaid funded program.

For more information:
Emily DeCarlo, Program Manager

Individual Therapy

Your child will meet one-on-one with a counselor. In therapy, she will work to figure out her strengths and gain ways to better control upsetting thoughts and emotions. In-office counseling is suitable for children of all ages, but specifically for late elementary, middle and high school-aged youth.

Play Therapy

Is your child young, between the ages of 2 and 9, but already having difficulty managing daily routines or adjusting to changes in the family? Play Therapy may be just what he needs. Your child will love to come to the unique and specially created playrooms. Specific therapy for children and families experiencing challenges with attachment is also available.

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Grief and Loss Collaborative

Have you lost a friend, family member, colleague, parent or child? Your grief is real and healing is possible. The Grief and Loss Collaborative is a partnership with Carilion Clinic Home Health and Hospice, businesses and partner organizations, to offer support groups, education and community outreach. Support groups are available for children or adults.

All groups are free to the community. Please call 1-800-422-8482 to inquire.

Life Skills

The best chance for success comes when youth develop relationships with positive adults and get involved in the community. Youth Development Specialists work in school, after school and community settings with youth to identify strengths and build healthy decision-making skills.

Positive Action and Teen Outreach Program®

Positive Action is an evidence-based program offered in elementary schools. TOP® is an evidence-based program for middle and high school students. Both address self-esteem, effective communication, goal setting, healthy relationships, and substance use prevention.

For more information:
Sarah Jane Lawrence, Program Manager

Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Parenting groups add extra support, and teach skills you can use at home to connect with your children. Caregivers who participate typically experience a better understanding of how their child feels, less stress, fewer acting out behaviors from their child and overall healthier family relationships.

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Case Management

Do you need support to manage day to day life? A case manager can help figure out what may be going wrong, get you connected to services and help you take care of your family.

Parent Aide

You will be able to set goals for yourself and your family and create a more peaceful home. You may work on skills to deal with your situation, anger management or self-esteem.

For more information:
Emily DeCarloProgram Manager