Mental Health Warrior: Megan Scheuneman

During her time at Family Service, Megan Scheuneman has worn numerous hats as she contributes in several capacities.

As a part of the youth development program, her primary role is to provide positive role models for youth and teens in our community. This is done through teaching life skills classes in schools and after school programs, and through service learning projects, through which teens are able to have hands-on experiences serving their community. In addition to youth development, Megan works in intensive in-home counseling, where counselors go out into the community and into our clients’ homes to work through different mental health treatment goals.

Megan leads two high school groups with Family Service’s youth development program coupled with contributing as support staff to other elementary, middle, and high school groups. “Being a support staff means that I help get our students engaged in the activities, assist with driving for service trips, and help with whatever the lead staff may need,” Megan said, “In my in-home counseling role, I currently have one client that I meet with in the home.  As this is a new role, the current goal there is to build a positive counseling relationship.”

Before moving to Roanoke, Megan was working on her master’s degree in school counseling in Memphis, TN. She worked for a short time as a mental health case manager before pursuing graduate school. During Megan’s time as a case manager, she found how much she enjoyed working with adolescents, especially in their academic settings as she met with teachers, families, and counselors. Megan’ clients often felt that their dreams had to be limited due to their circumstances. This experience gave her a passion for helping these adolescents see that they could have goals and an exciting future, no matter what their circumstances may be.

After receiving her master’s in December, Megan knew that she wanted to be in a role with adolescents in their school settings. “When the opportunity to be a youth development specialist arose, I was excited to begin due to the unique and fun structure that came with the position,” Megan said, “I enjoy getting to spend time with our teens in and out of the classroom, and being able to offer that mentorship role to them.”

Her favorite quote comes from acclaimed author, C.S. Lewis – “We are what we believe we are.”