Mental Health Warrior: Kenny Nguyen

You may have noticed Kenny Nguyen gets Family Service a ton of tags on Instagram by our community partners. He describes himself as dynamic, unorthodox, and passionate, all of which comes through in every picture and every interaction he has on the job. As a Youth Development Specialist, he is always in the community, engaging with children and teens.

His goal is to help youth learn various life skills in order to cultivate a passion for service and a positive mindset.

When Kenny was in middle school, he had a teacher who helped change his outlook. She believed in him and his ability to be the best person he could. Kenny kept those lessons with him and they led him to a career helping others the way his teacher helped him.

Before coming to Family Service, Kenny worked in AmeriCorps’s youth development programs building the skills he now uses as a facilitator in our Positive Action and Teen Outreach Program®.

“I want youth to have a lighthouse or a beacon of positivity that they will remember for years to come.”

When not working, you’ll probably still find Kenny out and about, having fun with friends and making a difference.

His favorite quote comes from Albert Einstein:

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”