Mental Health Warrior: Briana Campbell

As a Youth Development Specialist, Briana Campbell contributes her skills widely at Family Service, adopting several roles in Youth Development Services. In addition to working with the youth in the Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) Briana helps facilitate Project AIM and Positive Action.  

“I facilitate several Positive Action groups, co-facilitate Project AIM groups, and serve as support staff for Teen Outreach Program groups,” Briana said, “When I lead and co-facilitate groups, I take an active role in teaching lessons, answering questions, and planning for groups. In my role as support staff, I encourage group participation, help individual kids and teens, and am ready to step in for whatever the lead facilitator needs.”

These prevention programs aim to educate and encourage positive, productive, and healthy behaviors in kids and teens and reduce high-risk behaviors. Each program promotes social, emotional, and practical skill development and helps youth invest in their futures.

Briana graduated from James Madison University in 2016 with two degrees: a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with the other in Sociology.

While completing her undergraduate degree at JMU, Briana worked in the Office of Residence Life, first as a Resident Advisor, later progressing to the role of Hall Director. In these positions she discovered her love for programming and supporting students through their development.  In addition, Briana participated in several mental health counseling internships.

“With each internship, I became more and more passionate about counseling,” Briana said, “This passion led me to pursue a degree in counseling.”

Currently, Briana is pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through North Carolina State University’s Distance Education program.

As Briana is newer to her position, she has not had the opportunity to see the kids and teens progress through an entire school year. However, she does get to see success in her everyday experiences.

“Each time I hear our kids answer questions with confidence, interact well with their peers, and practice their new skills I am so proud of them,” Briana said. 

Each day that Briana walks into a programming site, she hopes to help her kids and teens realize just how valued and special they are.

Her favorite quote comes from Maya Angelou:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”