Ignite Success!

With huge thanks to Jill Hufnagel, Ph.D., Family Service of Roanoke Valley is proud to have presented Ignite: Leadership with a Purpose last week.

Ignite is Jill’s local offering of the Adaptive Leadership concepts she taught through the Harvard Kennedy School.

Jill took her early career as a counselor at Family Service and turned it into a lifetime of helping others set goals to better themselves and their communities.

She defines “adaptive challenges” as those we face as a community and country of which there is no known solution.

 Jill said the keys to addressing these challenges include relationships, experimentation and willingness to try.

“Personally and professionally, exposure to adaptive leadership

radically changed the way I think about community challenges.”

See photos from the two-day session. Thanks to Roanoke Symphony Orchestra for the use of the Green Room, and to all those who attended and participated!!