Guardianship Spotlight: Diane Huffman

Diane Huffman is quite possibly one of the biggest Mountaineer fans I’ve ever met. As a West Virginia University alumnus, I understand that sentence (and the beginning of this one) is dangerous while we are in Hokies’ territory. Diane and I accept the risks.

Diane is a case manager for our Guardianship Program, where she is the legal guardian for elderly and disabled individuals and has been in the social work field since 1987. She started out at a mental health center, then a homeless shelter while in Morgantown, WV, and worked with adults with intellectual disabilities.

Working in Guardianship at Family Service keeps her on her toes, she says. There are no normal days, but every day is rewarding. Working to ensure that her clients are happy and have everything they need would be a tall task for some, but Diane has it locked down. She does this by reminding herself of one thing:

“I never say ‘that won’t happen to me.’ Life has a funny way of proving us wrong.”

When not cheering on the Mountaineers, Diane might flip the channel to Investigation ID or go out with friends and family!