Guardianship Spotlight: Cindy Eagler


Cindy Eagler is the definition of go with the flow. In fact, one of her favorite quotes is “Anything can happen” and she will literally let a river guide her journey while she kayaks.  Cindy is in our Guardian Angels Program, where she is the legal guardian for elderly and disabled individuals. Going with the flow of what her clients want is a big part of the job.

She didn’t always work as a legal guardian or always with people for that matter. Cindy spent many years working as a surgical assistant for horses. If you know Dale Earnhardt from NASCAR, Cindy worked with his horses.

Deciding to work with more humans, Cindy built a rewarding and amazing career as a Special Olympics coach. After a multitude of related career paths, and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences, Cindy took the steps to be more of an advocate for people’s needs.

And advocate she does. She advocates for the needs of her clients every day, so they can be happy and cared for, but she won’t take much credit for any successes.

“It’s my client’s success really. They put in the hard work. I’m here to help.”

When Cindy isn’t watching Game of Thrones, she can be caught doting after her granddaughter.