Family Service and West End Center maintain summertime service for youth

Family Service of Roanoke Valley is proud to be a community partner with The West End Center for Youth.  A youth centered community resource proudly serving Roanoke for nearly 40 years. Established in 1979 to provide a safe haven for the youth of the west end and mountain-view communities, the West End Center offers after school programs, educational services, family support and summer programs.

West End Center offers children and teens enrichment programs to encourage positive social skills, anti-bullying, literacy enrichment and after school support. The West End Center for Youth has served over 200 plus children and teens per year.

Within our partnership, Youth Development Coordinator Deseree Stanfield  QMHP-C, facilitates day treatment and community counseling. Deseree herself had attended West End from grade school through graduation, returning to now work within the community that shaped her early years.

Watch this video featuring Des at West End Center and the impact Community Counseling and the Teen Outreach Program has on young participants.

Deseree is a dedicated social service professional who benefited from the services West End Center and Family Service offer, and is now giving back by facilitating programs and offering her support to youth in need.

As the school year comes to a close, the summer programs begin.

Activities include Positive Action, PeaceBuilders and social skills, educational components, fitness and nutrition as well as various service learning projects. Our many community partners join together to provide enrichment and continuity to the youth of our community to ensure a fun and safe summer.

We at Family Services of Roanoke Valley along with The West End Center aspire to continue the support of our youth through high school and hope to achieve a relationship that lasts beyond graduation. Deseree Stanfield is a perfect example of how services provided by West End Center and Family Service have enriched the life of a valued community leader.

Our roots go deep here at Family Service, and it shows with the dedication and commitment our staff and community partners like West End Center provide for the youth of Roanoke.

As the school year ends and the summer approaches, we will continue to provide enrichment and activities that have proven to not only raise test scores and school attendance but also provide a space to grow as future community leaders.