Discussions about the News with Kids

Earlier this year, our very own Jennifer Nolley was the winner of a Golden Halo award from Children’s Trust Roanoke Valleyfor her outstanding work as a counselor. Her award-winning expertise was called upon this week do discuss how to keep kids informed during a tough news cycle.

In the interview with WDBJ7®, Jennifer says, "[for] elementary school kids, it’s good for them to have some awareness to honest, factual information. It’s so easy to get mythical or irrational ideals from peers. But limits are good." 

For older children, Jenner reminds parents that it is important to talk about what their kids see on the news. In fact it can even be beneficial. 

"I think its helpful for building empathy, you know, to get kids involved in any kind of response effort that we’re doing, so not just being exposed and watching all these trauma on TV, but how do we take action? How do we help people?" 

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