Youth Development Spotlight: Koryne Wright


Koryne Wright will tell you herself, she has always wanted to be a social worker. She is stoked to be getting the opportunity to turn passion into a career.

“I love to help people and want to make people feel valued in the process.”

Currently working on her Bachelor’s in Social Work at Liberty University, Koryne remembers the effects social workers can have on individuals and a community.

She saw social workers help her family, her friends and neighbors. It’s what helps fuel her excitement to learn firsthand with the kids and teens in our Youth Development programs.

“I’m a little nervous about making mistakes, but ready to learn from them while I make deep relationships with the kids. I can’t wait to see how they learn and grow.”

When not watching The Office (or Scandal), she enjoys finding joy and happiness in the little things in life and with the people who make them happen.