Youth Development Spotlight: Hannah Claros

Hannah Claros is down to earth, sweet and caring. That’s why, when you meet her, you may be surprised to learn just how much of the world she’s explored and how high her aspirations soar.

Her interest in personal development and in helping others makes her a vital asset to Family Service and the youth we serve. As a Youth Development Specialist, she enjoys playing Bop-it with the Teen Outreach Program and Positive Action kids.

More than playing fun games, her role as mentor and facilitator is to provide practical behavioral and social skills that are culturally relevant for today’s youth.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Spanish from Roanoke College. Hannah spent time in the Peace Corps, and has also traveled in Europe and South America.

She’s bilingual and believes in sharing her travel and world experiences to encourage youth to pursue their dreams and find their own relevance in their community.

When Hannah isn’t studying hard for her Master’s in Teaching through Liberty University and working with youth in the Roanoke Valley, she enjoys Star Trek, spicy food, and riding horses.