Youth Development Spotlight: Ana Zuniga

Ana Zuniga, Family Service Youth Development Specialist, graduated with a Bachelor in Social Work this month! We are so proud of her accomplishments and are excited to have had her on the Youth Development team. 

A lover of ice breaker games, Ana has a passion for working with kids and youth and developing connections with them in the community. She also enjoys the service projects that the Teen Outreach Program participates in.

She recalls once how there was a project at the VA Hospital and seeing the kids really “wake up” was inspiring. She describes it as them just being “awesome” and making the connection as to why volunteering is important. You could see on their faces how it all came together in that moment.

Ana served as an intern in Youth Development in 2016-17, and gained excellent experience working directly with youth and participating in a wide variety of programs.

As a native Spanish speaker, she has also provided critical support in serving Spanish-speaking clients at Family Service.

She believes that the youth development program is the perfect fit for her. Making a difference in the lives of young ones is what fuels her fire.

“Being able to impact the lives of youth and children through mentoring and modeling behaviors makes my job so rewarding and fulfilling. That’s why I love it so much.”

Just weeks before her graduation, as she was completing her internship at Family Service, Ana achieved another extremely rewarding and exciting milestone–she completed the process to become a citizen of the United States. She celebrated with her family and her Family Service family.

Congratulations to this impressive young lady!!