Your Gift puts Smiles on Their Faces

Barry’s grandmother knew she was facing something too big to handle alone.

You may remember the story of Barry Franks from our 2016-17 Annual ReportSusan found Family Service of Roanoke Valley soon after she became the primary caregiver for her grandson.

Now, she knows where to turn when life gets off track.

Barry learned about healthy risk-taking and decision-making through our life skills education groups in his after-school center. He also met a counselor there who he could see whenever he needed. He learned how to manage the depression and anxiety that affected his school work and behavior.

Susan’s youngest granddaughter Gracie had seen more than her share of violence and anger at the tender age of three years old.

When Susan adopted the young girl, she knew there was hope for Gracie. But it was going to take some work.

Gracie started Play Therapy at Family Service, and the family got in-home services to help reduce the stress and conflict within the home.

Your gift to Family Service of Roanoke Valley for Roanoke Valley Gives Day will put a smile on the faces of families like the Franks.

You can help build a stronger community, one family at a time.


As trains remain part of our community’s story, so does the need for an organization that stands as a sign of hope to so many of our neighbors. That’s why this year, our Roanoke Valley Gives mascot Raggedy Andy is again on the move. He’s touring the sometimes gritty, oftentimes imposing, and always inspiring landscape of Roanoke–yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Another constant throughout Roanoke’s history: Family Service of Roanoke Valley.

Please come on this journey with us. Your support through Roanoke Valley Gives means families and individuals in our community can handle the big things life brings along. Your gift helps others get back on track.

Family Service of Roanoke Valley: Restoring Hope since 1901.