Our Strong and Caring Community


Let’s pause a moment and appreciate the incredible strength of our community.

You may be attending Celebrity Tip Off next week, or plan on supporting one of the celebrity waiters raising tips for mental health.

You may know a teen in our program learning peer leadership and the value of giving back.

No matter your connection, you are part of this strong and caring group.

The 17 local celebrity waiters pictured right are incredible! They are lending their names to raise funds for mental health on April 18because they believe in the power of hope. 

The youth-led effort to plan the Carilion Children’s Family 1-Miler of the Blue Ridge Marathon for this year’s Global Youth Service Day on April 21 shows the incredible strength of our young people.

Like you, they believe every family and individual deserves a chance.

Families like Chef T’s (of Hell’s Kitchen Fame), who shared her personal connection to mental health for this 2017 blog post.

Chef T knows firsthand that mental illness can tear a family apart. She believes, as a society, we need to stop tip-toeing around the real issue of mental illness and address it head-on.

Individuals like high school senior Anthony Patrick, who talks in this blog post, about what he’s learned through the Teen Outreach Program® and Global Youth Service Day.

Anthony said he loves being around fun people and making a difference in the community. “If I take initiative, I can make things happen!” 

We are fortunate to have people like you, the celebrity waiters, and our youth leaders in this community.

Please choose to participate in Celebrity Tip Off by tipping online or Global Youth Service Day by running the Family 1-Miler. 

Both will make you feel great for being part of this amazing place with these amazing people.