Mental Health Warrior: Andy

Everybody knows Raggedy Andy. Especially at Family Service of Roanoke Valley!

He is a familiar face not only to our staff, but our community. Andy’s history is long with Family Service, and his reach extended beyond these walls with the first annual Roanoke Valley Gives in 2016.

“He actually lived in the playroom at Family Service for nearly 30 years and was donated to me by a former counselor when she retired,” said Ruth Cassell, Chief Development Officer. “He has become our Roanoke Valley Gives mascot, because really he shows the hope and happiness that comes when people find what they need through Family Service.”

As an important part of our family, Andy acts as a reminder to our community to be generous and caring.  In previous years, Andy helped on Roanoke Valley Gives Day by highlighting how our neighbors are able to get the help they need when and where they need it. This year Andy is working to build a stronger community. For Family Service it means being able to help others, regardless of their ability to pay.

This year, the Branch Group is a proud sponsor of Family Service. The Branch Group helps organizations to strengthen the community and provide core services. The charitable committee, Branch Gives, saw Family Service as a perfect partner to give where they live. Our board member John Frederick serves on the committee, and announced the generous gift of $5,000 to incentive others to match with their individual gifts.  

“We had an opportunity to turn a $5,000 gift into a $10,000 gift,” John said, “We thought that would be a great way of increasing the power of our gift this year.” 

The Community Foundation serving Western Virginia presents Roanoke Valley Gives Day each year thanks to the generous support of corporate sponsors. Each year, Family Service raises funds necessary to meet needs in our community. The 24-hour day of giving provides a day people can choose to support something that is meaningful to them.

John, the Branch Group, and Andy hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity. Can you help us reach our goal?

Donate now by going to Roanoke Valley Gives.

You can help build a stronger community, one family at a time. Family Service of Roanoke Valley: Restoring Hope since 1901.