Mental Health Warrior: Megan Huffman

Megan Huffman loves one other thing as much as she loves working with kids through Family Service—unicorns. You heard me right, she loves working with kids as much as she loves unicorns. And she loves unicorns a lot!

In fact, her favorite quote is “always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.”

Megan is a Youth Development Specialist doing day treatment, parent aide, Teen Outreach Program®, and Positive Action. Most of her time is spent with clients receiving intensive in-home services. She works with children to assist them in managing their feelings/behaviors, developing skills to feel successful, and helping the family grow to understand each other.

“The reason I love working with children is because even on the worst days you know you were a support for them when so often they don’t have one.”

When not working in almost every program Family Service offers for children and youth, Megan can usually be found hanging out with her friends, at Starbucks, or with her family. Megan describes herself as dreamy, honest, and caring and loves watching How To Get Away With Murder and Gray’s Anatomy.