Mental Health Warrior: Audra Moore

As I write this, I am observing Audra Moore in her element. She’s standing in the lobby, talking with a client, and empathy is just pouring out into the room. Her personality and affect are perfect for her position. She’s empathetic but firm in her decisions and consistent in her advice.

Audra works in our Personal Affairs Management (PAM) representative payee program as a financial case manager. PAM is for adults who are unable to manage their own finances. Family Service receives Social Security, Disability, or Veterans Affairs benefit payments for each client every month. Then, Audra and fellow case manager Melinda Persinger spend their days making sure clients’ bills, such as rent or utilities, are paid and helps each client save some money as well. She also meets with clients weekly to make sure that they’re needs are met.

“Whenever my clients remain housed, clothed, and fed, it’s been a successful day.”

Audra loves when her clients are able to save money to buy something they really want or to plan a trip to see family. That’s probably because she loves time with her family. When she isn’t working, she’s watching comedies or playing trivia with her family and dog.