Thank you for Giving a Chance!

You heard the urgent call to build a stronger community, one life at a time. And boy, did you answer!!

Thanks to your generous gifts, $18,378 has been raised through the Give a Chance campaign. You, our dear donors, are Mental Health Warriors!!

Your support means people who are taking care of their parents or grandchildren can get support to relieve the stress every caregiver experiences.

It means children and their parents (biological, foster or adoptive) have access to protective services in their homes to address daily challenges and handle any crises that may arise.

You are making community-based counseling services more widely available.

Thanks to you, people who use violence in their intimate relationships continue to be able to attend groups and identify and change their behaviors.

And, because of your generous support, adults without the mental or physical capacity to make their own healthcare, financial and residential decisions have someone to help them.

Our community is stronger because each of the lives touched by your support is stronger and more healthy, happy and hopeful.

Even with this great outpouring, there is still a great need to be able to maintain and expand services in 2019. We have extended the deadline to Give A Chance to Jan. 31. Can you help us reach the $20,000 goal?

As you well know, strong and healthy families and individuals are the building blocks for a strong and healthy community. We are all interested in a Roanoke Valley with a robust workforce, quality employers, excellent outdoor recreation, quality arts and culture, outstanding education and safe neighborhoods.

That is why Family Service of Roanoke Valley believes in hope and envisions a community invested in health and well-being, recognizing inherent strengths and respecting the honor and dignity of all!

If we can help each person, each family in need of mental health counseling, case management and life skills to identify their own strengths and create solutions to their challenges–we can all achieve the Roanoke Valley we envision!

Thank you for sharing this vision!

And, if you have not yet participated, pleaseĀ Give a Chance today.