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When you attend Celebrity Tip Off, you will be enthralled and inspired by the stories you hear.

Get the dish at Celebrity Tip Off: Dynamic Duos on Thursday, April 11 at The Shenandoah Club. You can register now! If you aren’t able to attend, check out this year’s Dynamic Duos and tip your favorites’!!

Celebrity Waiters tell all

This year, your celebrity waiters are coming in packages of two! See some of your old favorites return, and check out who new is stepping into the limelight. They have connections to past waiters and, of course, to our community.

Read on to hear what our celebrities have to say about why mental health is important to them!

Roanoke City Sheriff Tim Allen, who was a celebrity waiter in 2017, speaks about how the jails are the front line of mental health services in our community. He’s continued his efforts with the goal for those leaving incarceration with mental health issues to transition to society without so much struggle.

Antonio Hash, of UBU Gospel Entertainment, is also a Roanoke City Deputy Sheriff. He’s a dynamic duo in 2019 with Roanoke City Vice Mayor Joe Cobb. They are excited to continue the tradition of showcasing how important mental health is to the entire community!

Chef T, or Torrece Gregoire, first shared her personal story at Celebrity Tip Off in 2017. Of Hell’s Kitchen fame and now serving as Executive Chef at Radford University, she is also a mental health advocate. Check out her recent interview on Living Local’s Community Kitchen to hear her talk about it.

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Chef T is back as a waiter this year and her dynamic duo is John Park of Hungry Asian Media. In addition to her personal advocacy, the two also know how important mental health is in the food service industry. They look forward to bringing that message front and center through Celebrity Tip Off. 

Tay Whiteside, of Lift Arc Studios (also with Black Dog Salvage and Salvage Dawgs), shared in 2018 about his own experiences with mental health. He says going to talk with a professional was extremely terrifying at first, but it helped his life so much!

Madison Madden, of GLAMHOUSE Day Spa, was also a waiter in 2018. She knows everyone is affected by mental health and it’s extremely important to adjust the perception of asking for help. She believes more people should feel that mental health issues are normal.

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That’s why Tay Whiteside and Madison Madden are teaming up as a dynamic duo this year. They are already out there spreading the word! Check out their great Celebrity Tip Off video!

A celebrity in your own right

So, what can you do to be like our local celebrities?! Glad you asked!

Join us and be a hero for someone! Whether you attend the event to bid on the fantastic silent and live auction items, tip online, or purchase a raffle ticket–you are using your strengths to better the lives of others.

There are 11 more dynamic duos who have their own stories to tell. That’s not to mention the important stories you’ll hear about the lives impacted by your support.

Our local celebrities volunteer their time to make mental health care and other services available to everyone–regardless of age or stage of mental wellness.

Join us for the fifth annual Celebrity Tip Off: Dynamic Duos on Thursday, April 11 at The Shenandoah Club. Tickets are $125, which includes a $25 donation, reception with open bar, three course meal, and lots of dynamic entertainment.