Ariel’s Story

Ariel is a former client of Family Service of Roanoke Valley who experienced abuse and trauma as a child.  Ariel states that her mother was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition in addition to being a substance user.  Ariel’s father had a challenging childhood and as an adult, was sentenced to serve time in a Federal Prison. 

Ariel and her sister were removed from their home by the Department of Social Services and were placed into a group home in the Roanoke Valley.  While residing in the group home, Ariel received counseling services from Family Service of Roanoke Valley.  She said that if she could speak with her counselors today about her experience, she “would thank them for investing in [her] as a person rather than just as their job,” said Ariel.  She added: “when you invest in people – it’s genuinely a deeper connection…which makes you open up and process things easier…they appreciate you instead of feeling sorry for you…it makes me want to do better and be stronger in the end.”  Ariel also said, “You are able to express yourself at Family Service of Roanoke Valley.  I feel like I am who I am today because of the people who invested in me [there]!”

Note: The name of the former client has been changed to protect their identity.