From young adults to older adults, everyone deserves to enjoy independence, safety and security. Counseling and financial management services help you handle life's biggest challenges.

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Children and Youth

Entire families and communities are impacted when children and teens struggle. Counseling, case management and life skills help youth heal and grow.

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Gaslighting: More than a popular Google search

December 7, 2018

There are loads of reasons why the term “gaslighting” has been on my mind. It did come in as a runner-up to the 2018 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year: toxic. To be honest (I know you expect nothing less of me), the announcement the Word of the Year is something I get super excited …

Your community coming together for youth success

November 30, 2018

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin Family Service of Roanoke Valley is proud to be the lead agency for a new collaborative effort ensuring our community invests in each student. This effort focuses on all aspects of what youth need. It wraps support and resources around them and their families to …

Build a strong community, one life at a time

November 16, 2018

I met a brave woman the other day. Actually, I meet brave people every day. Or at least I see them: a little boy runs ahead of his mom, making a beeline for the toy area while she checks in for his appointment. A young man tries to decide if making eye contact is ok …

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